Fred E. Fitzgerald

Date Submitted: 7/28/03

Fred writes:

I married Jo Anne Van Mort (Class of 1956) in 1958. We have two grown children, Mike, who works for Qwest, and Sue, an attorney. We have one grandchild, Shane, who will be a freshman in high school this fall.

I attended Williamsport Technical School after graduation and have spent the largest part of my life in the oil field. I bought my own drilling company in 1965 and drilled wells in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Vermont. The granite in Vermont is deep and hard and that year-long project ended up with a dry hole.

I retired in 1991 but it didnít seem to take. My wife got upset when I became a live-in expert on household chores, ranging from cleaning the lint trap to tipping over the sofa while vacuuming.

I decided to buy a dump truck and go into the gravel hauling business. I soon gave that up-óI kept falling off my wallet. Next I bought a bunch of wood working equipment and played, had a grand time for a while. Then my wife started expecting practical things, like a desk or a corner wall shelf. I fooled her. I went and got a job hauling salt water from oil wells to disposal wells. She went back to cleaning her own lint trap and not vacuuming under the sofa.

My biggest joy in life is playing golf with my grandson or watching him play basketball. I donít suppose I should confess this, but not too far down my list of favorite things to do is to wander on up to the casino in Windsor, Canada, to drop a few coins in the slots.

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