Class Artists

Donna Very and Joe Rinehart

Best Looking

Larry Rice and Jo Ellen Brown

Most Reserved

Rosalie Wolfe and John Recny

Most Likely to Succeed

Bob Morrison and Linda Cutting

Most Athletic

Bob Kline and Barb Ludwig

Best Dressed

Leroy Freer and Janet Peterson

Best Drivers

Bonnie Lathrop and Neil Madison

Most Popular

Marcia Johnson and Jim Yeager

Class Teases

Ida Work and Sam Costa

Best Musicians

Jody Digel and Sue Partchey

Most Co-Operative

Pat Defibaugh and Danny Stoneking

Best All Around Seniors

Georgie Wright and John Hummel


Judyann Gongaware and Bob Dickinson

Best Personalities

Chuck Johnson and Audrey Stratton

Best Dancers

Suzie Shelander and Jack Petruzzi


Sandy Nick and Denny Maynard

Most Flirtatious

Bud Acre and Barb Rose