Paul Peterson

Date Submitted: 9/8/08

Paul writes:

I graduated from Smethport High in 1967, received a B.S. in Elementary/Special Education from Mansfield in 1971 and M.Ed. in Special Education from Slippery Rock in 1975. My wife, Joan, and I have two children (Scott and Kimberly). After teaching Special Education at Mercer High School in PA for 8 years, we moved to Utah in 1979. Joan and I worked in the aerospace industry for Thiokol, the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster manufacturer. I had an exciting 26-year career as Manager of Plant Services where I had the opportunity to see the shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center as well as the misfortune of watching the Challenger disaster.

We retired in 2005 and moved to Tucson, AZ where we enjoy our two granddaughters, University of Arizona athletics and year 'round sunshine. I also keep busy as a part-time special ed tutor.

My email address is

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