Dave McCord

Date Submitted: 7/29/03

Dave writes:

I graduated in 1974 and went into the USAF in October. After Basic Training in Texas I went to Telecommunication Tech School at Keesler AFB in Mississippi. From there I went to Mt. Venda, Italy where I lived for 18 months. Then I went to the underground SAC Headquarters at Offutt AFB in Nebraska.

I returned home to Smethport after getting out of the Air Force in October 1978. I went to work for Smethport Specialty and did Wedding photography. I could not stand the winters so I moved to Harrisburg. I served 4 years in the PA Air National Guard at Fort Indiantown Gap and worked for the state installing and supporting the state's data network. After a few years I married and then decided it was too cold in Harrisburg and moved to Raleigh, NC (where Barney Fife goes to party). I worked for the state of North Carolina putting computer networks in prisons and probation offices. That got old after 2 years, so in 1990 I took a job as the data network manager with Boroughs Wellcome (the pharmaceuticals company that discovered AZT and Welbutrin) We merged with Glaxo (Zantac) to become Glaxo Wellcome. A few years later we merged with SmithKine Beechum (Paxil) which became GlaxoSmithKline where I now develop tools to manage the applications and systems.

Along the way I was blessed with 4 boys, David, Daniel, Joshua and John. David and Daniel are in college and Josh and John are still in school. I went through the hell of divorce after 14 years of marriage. 3 1/2 years later I became married to my wonderful and beautiful wife Beth Ann. For rejuvenation I am a firearms instructor and shoot in both rifle and pistol competitions. I also do volunteer work to raise money to support missions to Mexico and South America. My goal is to eat in every Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. So far I have eaten in Washington DC, San Francisco CA, Atlanta GA, Houston TX and Cary NC.

I miss the summers in Smethport and digging leaks and trout fishing in spring. I miss hiking to Big Rock and Devils Den. Christmas in Smethport was the best. But I hated winter!!! I miss getting pizza from the Corner Restaurant. I miss riding my bike to the old swinging bridges and swimming in the creek. What a GREAT place to grow up!!!

My email address is dkm10789@gsk.com

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