Hattie Potter-Harriger

Date Submitted: 7/1/04

Hattie writes:

I've been in Lubbock, Texas since 1976. I graduated from the Methodist School of Surgical Technology in 1979, Methodist School of Nursing in 1983 and Texas A&M University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Currently, I am employed by the Covenant Heart Institute of Lubbock, Texas as their Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist. I have spent 26 years in the nursing field.

I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children:

I have been single for 10 years. It's my prayer that the Lord will direct my marital status. My most current new endeavor has been the sport of Motorcycling. I used to think anyone who rode Motorcycles were idiots. As a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse, I saw all that can happen to a person from motorcyle accidents. However, a very close friend of mine took up riding again and I prayed and prayed, Lord, please help my friend to see how dangerous this is. Help him to see his idenity is in you, not in a motorcyle. After a few years, I knew I would be 'invited' to take a ride, frightened to death. I began to pray, "Lord, please let him sell that Harley or ... change my attitude." Low and behold the Lord changed my attitude. The Lord began to put one person after another in my path who rode motorcyles. Many of whom were in their 60's, 70's and believe it or not their 80's. Wow, so there are people who 'lived' after riding a motorcycle. And to a ripe old age as well!

I took the Motorcycle Safety Class last summer. Then Spring 2004, bought a beginner bike, a 2002 Honda Shadow ACE Deluxe. Now I am a charter member of the Women on Wheels chapter in Lubbock. All of us are professional women! Vice Presidents, school teachers, hair dressers, business owners, bankers. Yes, all women! We meet once a month, have dinner, then take a lovely evening ride in the country side. I am also a member of the Christian Motorcyle Association. I also a volunteer with the B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). I had no idea the amount of good will and ministry that went on in the biking community! Amazing what God can do with our attitudes, if we just allow Him room to work.

My email address is: hharriger@covhs.org

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