Joan Nelson-Schultz

Date Submitted: 9/7/02

Updated: 3/2/09

After graduation Joan attended Alfred Tech for one year. She met her husband, Brian Schultz at Alfred and followed him back to his home town of Webster, NY near Rochester. They were married in September of 1979. They have a daughter, Kathrine and a son Eric.

Kathrine graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Optical Engineering. She was also awarded a Fulbright scholarship and spent time in Germany researching the field of Optical Metrology. She got married in 2003, gave up her career in Optics, is now teaching high school physics in Albuquerque, NM and loves it.

Eric is also teaching but much closer to home. He is a technology teacher in a junior high school. He LOVES Smethport and is found there on many a weekend.

Joan has been with the same design firm for 5 years and loves her work. Brian works at Kodak. They travel extensively but still spend a lot of time in Smethport. They have been all over the US and to England, Germany (several times), Poland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. They had a blast when they flew to New Orleans for the Halloween weekend.

They own a small cottage in Smethport and recently bought a 2nd property so they can build and retire there in a few years. They have an open door for anyone who would like to visit. Eric has put dibs in on the cottage so he can also be there as often as possible, maybe living there some day too.

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