Jo Ann Baker Lathrop

Date Submitted: 8/28/05

Jo Ann writes:

Jo Ann graduated from Olean Business Institute in 1979 and married Kirk Lathrop after he completed naval school but before being sent to Japan. We were in Japan for our honeymoon, then returned to the states for Kirk's first duty. At that point, we had to decide whether to stay in the Navy and move around the world or to stay here in the states. My father had cancer during our deployment so Kirk went into the reserves and we looked for a job in the Washington, DC area. We have lived here ever since November 1982, 22 years.

We have three wonderful daughters following their dreams of traveling the world:

Jo Ann started worked in Japan as a payroll clerk for the Navy. Back in the states, she worked for a Veterinary Clinic as manager for 10 years, then was a Hallmark manager for two years. After Victoria was born, I was basically a stay-at-home mom and like to be home for the girls to volunteer for their many clubs and activities. I have been a Girl Scout Leader since 1990 and a Trainer since 1996. I recently added the hat of Boy Scout Venture Crew Leader in 2001.

Jo Ann and Kirk love to travel in the USA and overseas. Japan will always be our favorite. Our other favorites are Chincoteague, VA (pony swim), Yellowstone (everyone should go once to see), Yosemite, New York City, Key West, Charleston, Vail, Colorado (skiing) and Washington, DC. The door is always open -- call and we will meet you for lunch or dinner. It is only 30 miles away from us here in Viginia. If you have been to Potomac Mills or IKEA on Interstate 95 then you are 5 minutes from our house.

We try to get home at least once a year but it is difficult with Kirk traveling. We flew away 26 years ago, time for another reunion!! There were some fond memories and good friends, we would love to hear from you. Washington is beautiful!!

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