Greg Blose

Date Submitted: 8/25/08

Greg writes:

Hello fellow classmates. Sorry I couldn't make our 30th Reunion, however, Les Gallup updated me on all the fun. I don't know about you folks, but it doesn't seem possible that we graduated that long ago?

I myself, have been busy to say the least, lol. Since I last saw you I left my position as a Corporate Director for US Healthcare, and moved to Utah to start a telecom company. After selling out of that I returned to our sweet home in the mountains and built a mixed martial arts company in Smethport and several other towns. I then got my CDL bought a big rig and spent a few years traveling the 48 states and Canada. Me and my lady at the time made the most of it, feeling like paid tourists doing all there was to offer in all the major cities and towns throughout the country. After selling out of that, I found myself landing in Las Vegas with a contract to haul fuel. I knew then I had found a home, lol. It has been the only city to date I feel can keep up with my appetite for entertainment and fun. I rejoined the Air Force Reserves and became a top grade in interior, exterior electrical. Besides that I still was privately teaching students in martial arts, while teaching at another school I opened. Upon returning from electrical school I made my way up to Journeyman Electrician for the Reserves and stepped up to fill the void in Security Police for Operation Enduring Freedom. Then came the big step and off to Iraq as a Combat Engineer. The Army was short of engineers, so I found myself jumping on Blackhawk and Chinook helicopter getting dumped into hell holes building and repairing things, all the while being shot at, ducking rockets and motars. Prior to leaving for the war I was getting my certifications to become a contruction inspector. So now I am working on a $2.5 billion project, which will be the largest hotel and casino in Las Vegas called the Fountainebleau. I finally feel anchored in a career and a town that can keep up with me and my sense of adventure. So I am now working on my second degree as a engineer.

I enjoy my boat, riding my Harley, working on my recent purchase of a 57' show truck, playing guitar, writing poetry, golfing, playing poker, doing the karate thing, dancing on the weekends (country, salsa, and tango), and enjoying the beautiful women of Vegas.

If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at

My MySpace address is

Get ready for the shock of my pictures and info. But just remember, I maybe a bad boy, but I have turned out to be one hell of a good man. Good luck in reaching your goals and happiness in life. If ever in Vegas look me up. I am rolled up like a gangster lol. Everyone calls me "G" now, which makes it easy for the blondes lol, when I tell them my name all I have to do is sing the A,B,C's and stop by saying I am "G".

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