Jeff Voyzey

Date Submitted: 7/7/03

Jeff writes:

Graduated from Penn State in 1984 with a BS in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. I was married that summer to my wife Susan and spent the next 7 years in the Army as a helicopter pilot stationed in Colorado. Today, we live in Monument, CO. I work for a subsidiary of Coors in Sales & Marketing and still fly for the National Guard.

Susan is a middle school teacher, we have two sons, Ryan is 18, headed off to college this fall at CU in Boulder, CO and Cory is 14. Baseball keeps us busy in the summer and we enjoy skiing/snowboarding in the winter.

We get home to PA once a year and although its been years since we've been up to Smethport we're looking forward to the chance to get back.

My email address is

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