Paul C. German

Date Submitted: 1/10/04

Paul was a 1984 graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. He has a BS in Horticulture. Since the Family Seed Business was sold to someone outside of the family, (that's the Horticulture part of the degree), Paul got a job right out of college working for Procter and Gamble, (that's the BS part of the degree). During his tenure at P&G he married Haley Couser, from Maryland and PSU --(met her there). They have 3 children: Emily 16 -junior in HS, Spencer 14 - 8th grader, and Campbell 8 - 2nd grade. Paul is involved with Lions Club, the Scouting program, (2 boys in Cub and Boy Scouts), and he tries to get back to PSU any chance he gets.

Paul has held a few sales and management positions with different companies, and recently has worked for Nabisco (Oreo's, Ritz crackers etc.) for 7 years. He moved to Rochester, (a few minutes from the Nelson girls, Joan and Sue ), and his family is trying to adjust to the "11 months of winter and the 1 month of bad sledding" that is indicative of the weather in upstate NY. Paul is currently employed as a District Manager for Perry's Ice Cream.

Paul's email address is

793 Winona Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 467-1259

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