Nancy Elizabeth Nelson-O'Day

Date Submitted: 9/30/02

Updated: 8/29/04

Nancy writes:

Just after high school, I went to Sayre, PA to attend nursing school at Robert Packer Hospital. For the first 2 years it looked as if I was seeking a diploma in beer drinking, but by year 3 I fell in love with nursing. Good thing, as it was just a 3 year program!

Shortly after graduation from RPH I fell in love again. Only this time it was with an Army officer. Sean Patrick O'Day (no, he's not TOO Irish) and I were married in June 1985. He said, "Marry me and I'll show you the world!" Well, when we arrived in Alabama I thought "Some world, buddy!" From Alabama we moved - a lot! Japan was an adventure I am glad that I did not miss only because it fostered another love affair - sushi. California was incredible. I still miss Napa and ALL that wine. Syracuse, NY was the best, if only because I was able to spend precious time with my mother, Martha Nelson, before she passed away in October 1993.

While in Syracuse I graduated from Syracuse University with my BSN in 1995. Once I discovered how much I enjoyed school, I began to think about graduate school. We soon found ourselves in Boston, MA. We lived there for 6 years and loved New England - a lot! I graduated with my MS in Nurse Anesthesia in 1999. I really enjoy the challenges this new nursing role offers.

Just after graduation from Northeastern University and nearly 15 years of marriage, beautiful little (9 lb. 2 oz.) Abigail Conley (Mom's maiden name) was born. She's so special that her birthday will only roll around every 4 years (2/29/00).

We are now nearing the end of Sean's 20-year Army career and are stationed out in Milwaukee, WI. Sean is currently serving a six month tour in Baghdad. As soon as the Army approves his retirement we will be heading to Smethport where we recently purchased a home! We are already hiring contractors to start restoration projects on the house. We are most eager to get there and settle down.

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