Valerie Anderson-Smith

Date Submitted: 7/23/08

Valerie writes:

I graduated from the Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing in 1985. I remained in Sayre for a little less than a year and then moved down south to Charlottesville, VA where I worked at the University of Virginia Hospital in the Burn Unit. This began a 20+ year love/hate relationship with critical care burn nursing and nursing in general.

In 1988 I decided to shift gears and moved to Boston to go to Fashion Design School. I continued nursing full time at the Massachusettes General Hospital also in the burn unit. Good that I kept my day job because I spent all of my second year tuition mony for design school, on a cross country trip with an Englishman I had met. A brief move back to eastern PA in the late 80's and then back to Boston where I would be for a while slowly moving my way further north until I ended up in NH.

I married in 2001. My husband Paul is Chief Engineer on a merchant ship. We had our first daughter Audrey in 2002 and then our second daughter Shelby in 2004. I continue to work per diem at Mass General and also have my own home business making window treatments for designers. Life is good and we are very happy.

I get back to Smethport two or three times a year for long periods. Paul is away for months at a time so home with Mom is always a good place to be. I have many happy memories growing up in Smethport and often miss the quiet beauty of our little town.

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