Virginia Caruso

Date Submitted: 7/24/06

Virginia writes:

Hello fellow Hubbers! I have the most fun explaining what a Hubber is when we start talking about high school mascots and names, as I'm sure the rest of you do as well. It is especially funny to my sons' high school friends. I have been blessed to have two wonderful boys. Greg is a junior and Doug is a freshman, or fish as they are called in Texas. I've just turned Greg loose on the Houston freeways or parking lots as we so lovingly refer to them. He does a wonderful job, although that doesn't help me relax much with the fruits and nuts that drive down here. He is an Eagle Scout, plays the alto sax in his high school band and is involved in several other school clubs. Doug is working on his Eagle Scout project as I write, will be playing percussion for the high school band and is looking forward to getting involved in some other high school clubs, too. I stay very active in their activities with them, chaperoning or whatever I can do to help. The boys have told me that I'm allowed to chaperone as long as I maintain my cool mom status! I was elected President of the Band Booster Club for the upcoming year. At this point I'm just hoping to survive marching season! This is a year that we have UIL so chances are that we may have an extended season if we make it to regional's. They did that the last go around so it is a definite possibility. I did my best to resign from my scouting position, but they keep asking for help so that's been harder to pull away from. I've made some wonderful friends through scouts and have made some awesome memories. Some I want to hold onto and some I'd love to forget, but they won't let me!

We've been in Houston a little over 15 years. I have been with Hewlett-Packard for the last 6 years. I absolutely love what I'm doing right now, Contract/Project Accounting. It has just the right mix of predictability and challenge. Our group basically ensures that the project group follows all the fall-out accounting rules from the Enron collapse.

I hope to make it back for the reunion next summer. It's so hard to believe we've been out for 25 years!!!

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