Rhoda Raymond-Collins

Submitted: 8/26/02

Updated: 8/5/07

Rhoda writes:

I received my AAS in Accounting from Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY in 1999. This degree took me about 10 years to complete, as I worked 2 jobs plus took the classes.

I am currently working on my Court Reporting degree from Alfred State via online course. One semester to go. It is a very grueling course.

Daniel Frank Colebert, my son born 8/3/84, is attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He received an ROTC scholarship, and started his second year last week. He plans to go into the service as an officer; wants to do Special Ops; wants to retire in 20 years and move back to Eldred where he grew up and attended Otto-Eldred HS.

I will have been married 6 years in September to Dan Collins of Rush, NY. We live in Chili, NY about 15 minutes from Rochester. We had a little girl April 6, 2002, Abigail Elizabeth. I currently stay home with her and work for my Professor at Alfred State by correcting papers for him, and running the online email/support group for students. I plan to return to work when I finish my course or Abby goes to school, which ever comes first. I am really excited for Abby, as the schools up here have pools in them, and I remember all the good times I had swimming for Smethport and Otto-Eldred. Hoping she will enjoy it also.


I graduated with a degree in Court Reporting in December, 2005 from Alfred State, doing it online. I then taught three of the court reporting machine classes during the spring semester at Alfred. I am still adjunct with them. My daughter was in preschool so I did captioning work from home with my skills.

She finished school in May, 2007, and now I am a working court reporter going to Parole Boards, Grand Jury, Depositions and such. It is a very rewarding field.

I also began my photography business in January of 2007 www.rhodagraphs.com.

My son graduated from IUP with a degree in Criminal Justice in May, 2006, and is a 2nd Lieutenant in the National Guard active. He lives in Indiana, PA and plans to wed this fall, as he will be going to Iraq in the summer of 2008.

My email address is rcollins@rochester.rr.com

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