Jean Elliott-Whitacre

Date Submitted: 8/10/06

Jean writes:

Since graduation, I went to Edinboro University and graduated with a B. S. in Special Education in 1987. Upon graduation, I moved to Winchester, VA, where I have lived ever since.

I married Robert Whitacre in April of 1995. What a turn my life has taken since then! We have three beautiful daughters: Alexis 10, Jillian 6 and Abigail 16 months. Alexis and Jillian are deaf with cochlear implants. What amazing devices! They are in all "regular" classes and doing exceptionally well. Robert is a Beef Specialist for Accelerated Genetics, a company based out of Wisconsin and because of this, we have registered Angus cattle. I never imagined that I would own a herd of cattle.

As far as my career in concerned, I have taught Special Education LD/ED at the middle school level for the past 19 years, however, I am expanding to high school in the fall. I had to get closer to home. I have been commuting an hour to the neighboring county for, yes, the almighty dollar ... well more of them!

Overall, I am doing well and would love to hear from my classmates and friends from SHS.

My email address is

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