Most Likely to Succeed

Mark Andrews and Laurie Chrisman

Contributed the Most

Josh Watson and Claire Shaffer

Class Artists

Karen Shick and Jon Dutton

Most Musical

Bonnie Magee and Kirk Angell

Class Athletes

Karen Reap and Rob Tronetti

Nicest Smile

Bruce Edmiston and Diane Greene

Class Clowns

Dick Baker and Amy Nick


Chris Cioffi and Tim Gorrell

Most Likely to Get Married

Sandy Doty and Craig Morgan

Class Sweethearts

Sue Lord and Shawn Wolfinger


Lynn Hordubay and Pat Freer

Class Flirts

Lori Dean and Joe Huntzinger

Best Dressed

Sue Nelson and Bill Vandervort

Most Pizzaz

Cece Kibble and Benji Williams


Martha Potter and Todd Smith

Best Dancers

Mike Valenti and Jean Elliott