Shawn Wolfinger

Date Submitted: 7/16/05

Shawn writes:

My life since high school has been pretty full and busy. I graduated from Allegheny College in 1987 as did my wife Karen. I was Don Burdick's Big Brother in our fraternity at Allegheny. Karen and I were married in 1990 and have three boys; Kevin 12, Matt 11, Aaron 6. We live in Coudersport and I am a partner in a land development/timber management company. My wife had been working for Adelphia Communications but lost her job when the corporate headquarters were moved so she is now attending Pitt-Bradford working on a degree in education.

Recreationally speaking, I keep myself busy by coaching Little League, traveling, skiing, attending Penn State football games, golfing, hunting, and running. I recently completed the Boston Marathon, my 4th marathon, and we have a core group of Coudersport residents that run marathons and half marathons on a regular basis. I never intended to get into distance running but as I got older, and didn't want to give up beer and pizza, I couldn't find a better way to stay in shape. I am also a member of the Big 30 Football All-Star Committee (along with '82 graduate Jim Russell) which allows me to travel the Big 30 area to evaluate the local football talent.

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