Bradley Bhe

Date Submitted: 4/7/09

Brad writes:

Right after high school I married Heather Robson from Coryville, PA and we had a daughter Patti Jo. We would have another daughter in April 1987 Elizabeth Jean. I joined the Army in January, 1985 and spent 10 years on active duty as an AH-64 Attack Helicopter Mechanic. During that time I spent a year in Korea and time at several bases in the US. I also served in Operation Desert Shield and Storm.

In 1995 I got out of the Army and tried moving back to the Smethport area but because of the cold I only lasted 18 months. I then got a job with the Department of Defense as a Technical Inspector on the AH-64 in Houston, TX. I recently moved to Ft. Knox, KY and I'm still working for the DoD and in the Army reserves as well. I have been deployed to Kuwait and Iraq twice and I am scheduled for another deployment to Afganistan in 2010. I have been to 15 different countries and 41 states. Trying to hit all 50 states before my time is up.

That is about all for me. Who would have ever known that I graduated last in the Class of 1984? That is the past 25 years for me in a nut shell.

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