Chauncey C. Kan

Date Submitted: 1/11/04

Chauncey writes:

I attended UPB for about one year after high school. Quickly learned that I didn't have what it takes to party and learn at the same time. In about 1995 I dropped out and moved to Rochester, NY where I went to work for Meldisco, a company that contracts with all the K-marts, in the footwear industry. Did well in Rochester and some time in 1986 I was given a management position in East Rutherford, NJ.

I was promoted four times in NJ and in early July 1987 I was informed of a 5th promotion in Staten Island, NY, but I never made it. On July 25th, 1987 I made a road trip to visit with Bob Bly, Joe Kloss, and Matt Peet (all SHS Alumni) whom were all working in the Lancaster, PA area. During this visit I had an accident that knocked me out of work for some time.

Due to my accident I had to move back home and I re-entered UPB. I studied there for about two years and then transferred to Florida State University, that's right, FSU, where St. Bobby works, yeah, the one that surpassed Jo Pa on the most win list. You college football fans will know what I'm talking about.

In 1993 I flew to Costa Rica and spent a summer studying at La Universidad de Costa Rica. For those of you looking for adventure, it's the place to be! It's a great country with great people. Most of my buds I flew down there with stayed. I chose to return to the states and sometimes I regret it, it was a blast down there.

I got my BS in Business Management in 1994 and moved from Tallahassee to Panama City Beach. I needed change and Panama City Beach had two things to offer, work and a place to further my education. FSU has a branch in Panama City and offers master's work at this branch. I managed an apartment complex, free rent, while I continued my schooling. In 1997 I received my MBA degree.

I now work for the Social Security Administration as a claims representative and am still living in Panama City Beach. I try to get back home once a year. Never married. Gained some weight and seeing a few grays here and there. Recently bought a home on the beach. Weather is great. Life is sweet.

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