Jim Trussell

Date Submitted: 5/27/04

Jim writes:

I went to Pitt-Bradford for a semester in '85 for petroleum tech, dropped out of that and went to Williamsport Area C.C. for 2 years for Landscape Tech. I've had numerous jobs over the years as a security guard, working in a lumber yard, small landscape jobs, working for PennDOT plowing roads and patching potholes, and the most interesting was working 13 years at the Kinzua Bridge for the excursion railroad. I've met a couple movie stars out there (Patrick Swayze & Wes Stuni), quite a few politicians from the state and federal governments, and countless people from all over the world. Right now, I'd say my job would be best described as a "home maintenance engineer". I help on our oil lease in the spring, summer and fall months, whenever there's a need for an extra hand.

I'm still single, never married, most likely will stay that way. No kids of course, I've been told I'm not allowed to breed. That's OK, I have Linda Groves', Doug Morgan's, and Doug's sister's kids in my life to give me little ones to buy Christmas presents for.

My email address is bufnstuf@adelphia.net

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