Joan Mix-Zeberlein

Date Submitted: 2/26/04

Joan writes:

I graduated from Clarion University in 1990 and headed SOUTH! I ended up in North Carolina where I quickly got a teaching job. I met my wonderful husband, Kurt, there and we were married July 10th, 1993 in Annapolis, MD ... my husband's hometown. My husband received a promotion which brought us to Langhorne, PA which is 30 minutes northeast of Philadelphia. I worked as an educational consultant my last few years in NC and continued with that once we moved back to PA. I worked for Kagan Cooperative Learning and travelled the country training teachers in cooperative learning theory and strategies. It was a great ride, for a time, but travelling and being in a different city every week got old ... fast!

Once we began our family, we knew it was time for me to stay home and be a mom and that is truly the highlight of my life!!! We have 3 children ... 2 boys and a princess. Winston is 7, Mason is 4 and Ainsley is 2. All is well and life is great! My latest accomplishment is that I just completed my first marathon in Orlando, FL on January 11th, 2004. It was an awesome experience and well worth every minute of training. I'm still running, but only maintaining endurance for 1/2 marathons these days. So, that's it in a nutshell. Would LOVE to hear from former Hubbers ... everyone, be well!!

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