Most Likely to Succeed

Mike Swanson and Carol Cleveland

Contributed the Most

Jim Smith and Kelly Okerlund

Class Clowns

Paul Babcock and Mary Nick

Class Artists

Jim Judkins and Polly McAnallen

Class Athletes

Scott Burdick and Kathleen Goodwill

Nicest Smiles

Linda McClelland and Paul Freer

Best Dressed

Shelley Ammerman and Steve Valenti

Most Musical

Dan Shetler and Joan Mix

Class Sweethearts

Joan Conkle and Brian Colton

Most Pizzaz

Kathleen Burdick and Brian Green

Most Talkative

Sean Lathrop and Toni Kan


Joe Silfies and Ann McElwee

Class Flirts

Kurt Wallin and Lori Riddell


Kelly Moran and Becky Edmiston

Class Troublemakers

Mike DeCarlo and Brenda Foltz

Most Likely to Stay Single

Jackie Nelson and Jim Myers