Pat Brougham

Date Submitted: 9/3/02

After graduation, Pat earned her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at Salem College. She then earned and her graduate degree, also in Criminal Justice at Marshall University in Huntingdon, WV. She found West Virginia to be so beautiful that she decided to stay and currently lives there.

Pat is currently employed as an Adolescent Addiction Therapist and doesn't know exactly how she became a therapist ... hehehe. She is also a Licensed Social Worker and has been working with "tuff teens" for several years. She just recently took a part-time job as a college instructor, teaching Criminal Justice courses at her old school, Salem College and also taught very briefly at Marshall University a few years ago.

She lives with her partner, Vicky, the love of her life and simply the best thing that ever happened to Pat, in a small town in the north central region of West Virginia that reminds her of Smethport. They have no plans to have children, but have lots of nieces and nephews to love, 3 dogs, and 4 cats. The animals are better than children ... you can put them in a crate when they are bad.

Pat would love to hear from anyone who would like to write. Her email address is

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