Ann Curtis

Date Submitted: 6/1/05

Updated: 9/27/08

After graduation, I earned my undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice at the University of Pittsburgh in 1990. I then earned my graduate degree in Human Resource Management at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, PA in 1996. I was working at La Roche during this time and decided to stay in the Pittsburgh area after graduation and explore my job opportunities.

I was employed as the Director of Public Safety at La Roche College, for 13 years. I am not too sure how I chose that career path, but I thoroughly loved it! The college students had a way of making me feel young and didn't let me forget what I was like when I was their age! After working in the law enforcement and the campus safety field for 15 years, I started a new career in August 2007 and am now working as an Immigration Specialist for a relocation company in Pittsburgh I am really enjoying the challenge and am making some really good friends.

After a very rough year in 2006, I met my best friend and love of my life, Jerry, in January of 2007. We got officially engaged in April 2008 and are planning our wedding for May 2009. Jerry and I have an extremely cool dog named Java Bean and are thoroughly enjoying our life together. I have been very lucky in my career and also in my life. I am blessed with wonderful friends and family and love what I do. As you can see this has been a busy, but absolutely wonderful year!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it back to any reunions but have been fortunate to stay in touch with a few classmates. If anyone wants to drop me a line I would love to hear from you! My email address is

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