Linda Fetter-Carr

Date Submitted: 3/26/03

Linda writes:

After graduation, I attended the Wilma Boyd School of Travel in Pittsburgh, PA. When I left there, I realized that the travel industry required experience, something that I did not have. I moved to Rochester, NY and after a lengthy job search in the travel industry, I went back to what I know best ... the water. I was employed (and still am) at the Monroe YMCA as a Swimming and Water Exercise Instructor. After working for a few years at the YMCA, I decided to dry out a bit (but not fully) and try my luck in child care. I worked at several day care centers in the area while finishing my associates degree at Monroe Community College which was located across the street from my apartment complex.

I married Jack Carr and we bought a house in Henrietta (a suburb of Rochester). For 10 years I did Family Child Care in my home. Two of those years were spent as a Group Family Child Care and I had to hire an assistant.

I have two boys, Jadon and Riley, who are currently 11 and 7 years old. Both boys play soccer and baseball. And, of course, they both love to swim! After a divorce from Jack, I decided I needed a real job and an education to get that job. I am currently attending Geneseo University for Elementary/Early Childhood Education (another Fetter teacher). I sit in classes and learn how to develop a curriculum that I have already implemented for the last 10 years. But there is not much out there on the job market without that piece of paper!

A couple of years ago, I ran into an old crush from the apartment complex days and he is living with me and my boys. Karl has been a fun and exciting addition to our family. Even the dog loves him!

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