Shawn Maley

Updated: 11/21/08

Date Submitted: 8/1/04

Shawn lives in Jamestown, NY with his wife, Amy Jordan- Maley (Class of 1986). They have 3 daughters. Samantha is now 19 and a sophomore at St. John Fisher in Rochester. She is majoring in communications and really loves it. Kaitlin is now 17, a senior in high school and the assistant manager at Maurice's in our local mall. She is looking at the University of Buffalo for business management. Megan is now a freshman in high school. Hard to believe she is 14 and a young lady and not our baby. She is still loving singing and participating in all sorts of NYSSA festivals.

Last year was rough, topped off with the loss of our 12 year old golden. But this year there is a new puppy , a yellow lab, that has helped fill a hole for all of the family. Shawn is working at Bush Industries and Amy works at Southwestern Elementary as the Library Aide for grades 3-5. (Library has come a long way since Mrs. German's class in grade school! Times are changing and media/computer skills are taught more than dewey decimal system.) They hope to get all of their kids through college before any major changes. Who knows what the future brings?

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