Brother and Sister

Amy Zurat and Tim Wilber

Most Talkative

Jenilynn Morgan and Paul Duffy

Best Dressed

Rod Brown and Julie Dreihaup

Most Likely to Get Married

Rob Rittberg and Terri Kleisath


Paul Nichols and Barb Bishop

Tallest Girl and Shortest Guy

Tina Cox and Tim Madine

Tallest Guy and Shortest Girl

Scott Hungiville and Tammy Elliott


Troy Raszmann and Bonnie Rodgers

Class Clowns

Scott Ennis and Belinda Barnhart

Class Flirts

Kraig Okerlund and Linda Fetter

Class Sweethearts

Amy Jordan and Shawn Maley

Most Spirit

Judy Pierotti and Shane Appleby


Patty Brougham and Mike Heilbrun

Contributed the Most

Emy Johnson and Don Burdick

Class Troublemakers

Ruth Donovan and Shawn Appleby

Nicest Smile

Rick Morrow and Tammie Nagle

Most Musical

Lori Burdick and Jeff Trulick

Class Athletes

Brenda Master and T.J. Reap

Most Likely to Stay Single

Rob Keesler and Charlene Heffner

Class Artists

Rick Minard and Renae Kness

Most Likely to Succeed

Victor Caruso and Julie Lovell