Jack Michael Pennington

Submitted: 7/29/02

After graduation, Mike attended Triangle Tech in Erie and got his AOS in Architectural Drawing with CADD. He worked for Dresser-Rand in Olean for 5 years before moving to South Bend, IN and then Cincinnati, OH. Later he came back to Dresser, is now a Layout Drafter and lives in Olean.

He has two dogs, Minnie, a Malamute, and Damon, a Husky. He plays flag football in the fall, shoots pool and skis in the winters, and rides his motorcycle in the summers. His flag football team in the Bradford Flag Football League, has won the last two league championships. Some of his teammates include:

If anyone else would be interested, Mike and a few of his teammates have talked about getting an Alumni Football Team together. You can contact him via either of the email links below.

His home email address is ninja1@adelphia.net

His work email address is jmichael_pennington@dresser-rand.com

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