Leslie Moffett

Submitted: 7/22/03
Updated: 9/3/03

Leslie writes:

I am currently in Olean, NY and have been here for about 9 years. I am a successful Hairstylist and Salon Manager for J.C. Penney and also teach at Contintental on occasion. My (almost) 6 year old daughter, Selena, will be going to 1st grade in September and she is awesome!!! Her father, Jason, and I have been in a "committed relationship" on and off for about 8 years. Definitely on for the last 4!! He and I are planning a big move by opening our own salon/spa/training academy within the next 3 years. We are very involved in our careers and have alot to do with Paul Mitchell Systems (educating, training, etc.)

We travel frequently all over the country and went to France in August!! On our trip Jason asked me to marry him!! So, we are officially engaged!! My life is very full and I am happy to be where I am! I am looking forward to our class reunion!!

If anyone would like to contact me, I am:shears3@yahoo.com.

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