Deadly on Wheels

Wendy Walker and Todd Gross

Class Flirts

Pat Gregory and Chris Walker

Class Athletes

Bruce Tessena and Sue Ball

Class Artists

Beth Younkins and Bob Patrick

Most School Spirit

Janice Benjamin and Mike Fransko

Best Dressed

Brad Buchholz and Stacy Eley

Tallest Boy and Shortest Girl

Theresa German and Ray Deegan

Class Sweethearts

Paul Rossi and Donna Nogar

Best Personality

Jeff Zuver and Leslie Moffett

Most Talkative

Kelly Ferman and Rick Scherer

Tallest Girl and Shortest Boy

Malinda Lydic and Matt Carney

Class Troublemakers

Brad Frontino and Missy Cummings

Class Clowns

Will Rounsville and Sue Wilber

Contributed the Most

Mark Russell and Heidi Burritt

Most Likely to Succeed

Amy Wilson and Brady Semmel

Most Musical

Bill Parris and Cindi Edgar

Class Pets

Craig Burdick and Rae Ann Kleisath