Carl Adams

Submitted: 7/28/03

Carl writes:

After graduation, I played around with college for a year, and when that didn't work out I joined the U.S. Air Force in October 1991. I have been in now almost 12 years this October. I have been stationed in Germany, Hawaii, and New Jersey twice, which is where I am currently. My job in the Air Force is Air Transportation, which basically consists of uploading and downloading passengers and cargo on and off of the Air Force's large cargo aircraft. I have deployed all over the world to do this job, including Africa, Croatia, Peru, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Norway, Cuba, Korea, many other countries, and most recently (I just got back July 17) a trip to Saudi Arabia and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My job is crucial to moving troops to and from deployed locations and fixed bases all around the world.

I have been married now since 1995 to Maria Adams, whom I met on one of my deployments. She is from the Philippines. Currently we have no children, but are working on it. In my spare time I like to golf, ride my mountain bike, and work on my Bronco. I learned to surf while in Hawaii, but that is kind of hard to pursue here in New Jersey. I am close to the shore here in Jersey, but the waves just don't compare.

My email address is:

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