Shelby McCollough-Johnson

Submitted: 4/06/08

Shelby writes:

I live in Crosby and have lived in the Smethport area all but 3 years that were spent in North Carolina.

After graduation I married former Smethport alumni Daniel Johnson (Class of 1981) and became a mother. I was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. Later, I worked a few jobs in retail. In September 2006, I started working as a secretary in the Special Education Department of the Seneca Highlands IU9 and I absolutely love my job.

Dan and I have been married for 19 years this July. We have 6 children. Twin sons, Justin and Dustin who will be graduating this year as members of the Class of 2008. They are going to attend WyoTech, an Auto Mechanic's in Blairsville, PA. We also have 4 girls. Tawney is 17 and a junior. Morgan is almost 15, Alexandria (Alli) is 13 and Blake is 9.

I enjoy watching NASCAR, attending my girls' softball games and hanging out with the family. Softball season is a busy time for us. Dan has coached the girls' teams in the past and may do so again this year. It's never simple though as we have girls playing at both age levels!! That means ball games 4 nights a week! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

It's nice to see some of my classmates profiles! I hope more of you come along!

Hope to hear from some of you! My email is:

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