Barbra Trulick

Submitted: 12/04/05

Barbra writes:

I graduated from Millersville University of PA in 1993 with a BS in Environmental Biology. Unfortunately, that was a waste of money since I am doing nothing in that field at the time. After graduation I moved to Baltimore with my brother since we figured it would be easier for me to get a job there than in Smethport! In 1998, I moved to North Carolina, where I lived for about six months. Then I was transferred to New Jersey, where I still live now. I am a purchasing/inventory control manager for a manufacturing facility. We make non-skid paint that goes on the Naval aircraft carriers, so we have been very busy since the war in Iraq started.

I'm still single with no kids. I have a dog - she'll be 11 years old this month. I mostly just work and sleep. I still love watching NASCAR races and went to Pocono with my dad last year. I can't believe he's still teaching at Smethport, but my mom has had a lot of medical problems and they need the insurance.

I hope more people from my class come on and let us know how they are doing. My brother's class is leading the way with the most members, and I love a little family competition!

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