Rob Conner

Submitted: 5/31/05

Rob writes:

After high school I went to work at Edmond Chevrolet. I worked there for a while then went to work at Bob's Autobody. I realized that I didn't want to stay in town so I packed up and moved to Hobart, Indiana. I started working at Arnell Chevrolet in 1994 and have been there since. I am still painting cars and messing around with 3 and 4 wheelers. I have been buying wrecked cars, fixing them up and selling them. In July 2000 I married Jenny Lerch (Class of 1996) and we have 2 wonderful daughters. Renee was born on March 2, 2001 and Karleigh was born September 12, 2004. We moved to a small town in Indiana, called Medaryville. It is a little like Cyclone, but much flatter with a lot of corn fields. Things are good here.

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