Terry D. Church

Submitted: 4/23/03

Terry writes:

Since leaving SHS I have received my BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Anthropology, Social Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Currently I am working on my PhD in Anthropology at Temple University in Philadelphia. My specializations within the field of Socio-Cultural Anthropology are: Anthropology of the Body, Medical Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Urban Studies, and Queer Theory.

My current research is looking at the spread, dispersal, and virulence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with respect to the marginalization / stigmatization of gays and lesbians. Most of my research has been conducted in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York, but hopefully I will be conducting 1-2 years of fieldwork in London, Dublin, or Paris. I am also focusing in on patterns of drug use/abuse among gay males and youth - primarily as it plays out as a "coping" mechanism for heterocentric hegemony of sexuality and sexual identity.

I have been actively writing for Academic and Scientific journals and textbooks, and anticipate having published materials by the end of the summer. I will be participating in Temple's TA program, and will be teaching my first undergraduate course this summer - Anthropology of Human Sexualities. I am hoping to defend my dissertation in the Spring of 2006. I have applied to UC-Berkeley for my post-doctorate research in Human Sexuality and hopefully will be teaching and researching in Oakland in the Fall of 2006.

As of now - due mostly to my work load and the amount I am reading - I have no time for a serious relationship. I am single, have no children, and live in a townhouse that does not allow pets. When I am not working I am either at the gym, conducting safe sex workshops, or training for my first Que Belt in Aikido.

My email is tdcst10@hotmail.com or tdcst10@temple.edu.

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