Melany Stroup-Alexis

Submitted: 3/11/04

Melany writes:

I was married in June of 1997. My husband, Kyle Alexis and I bought the house next door to my parents (where I grew up) and have been remodeling it while living in it. We have two boys, Orion 3 years, and Kyler 7 months. I graduated from college in 1998 with a BA in Administration of Justice. I had intended to work in juvenile probation but that did not pan out. I am currently working in Bradford for NTCAC Head Start Home Base. I work with low income children and their families in their homes and at my center.

Kyler was born a preemie and with a cleft lip and palate. I am working with my mother to build a support group for families in our area that have relatives with clefts. Please spread the word if you know of anyone and they can contact me. This is my hobby right now, other than enjoying watching my boys grow up.

My email is

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