Most Likely to Succeed

Jessica Puller and Justin Comes

Contributed the Most

Patti Leet and Jason Herzog

Class Sweethearts

Jesse Hooftallen and Gina Hackett

Best Looking

Shelley Jack and Sergei Swanson

Nicest Eyes

Gina Hackett and Kurt Herzog

Best Dressed

Kori Galloway and Tim Isadore

Nicest Smile

Mike Cooper and Stephanie Ruffner

Best Personlity

Christa Buchholz and Matt Eck

Most Spirited

Jesse Hooftallen and Melany Stroup

Most Talkative

Stan Cline and Elise Rosenswie

Class Flirts

Sara Falkinburg and Joe Orlandi

Class Clowns

Jeff McGowan and Marcia Hairston

Class Artists

Andrea McFetridge and Aaron Kinter

Most Musical

Mike Hagg and Tabby Caldwell

Class Athletes

Jason Carter and JoLynne Leet

Most Deadly on Wheels

John Anderson and Chris Eppley

Most Shy

Laura Myers and Ben Nuzzo