Jeremy Anderson

Submitted: 6/7/04

Jeremy writes:

I went to Pennsylvania College of Technology, earned an A.A.S. in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. After completion of college, I ended up in Myrtle Beach, SC, where I currently still reside, (3 miles off of the ocean I can't complain, the view is better than Marvin Creek although I do miss trout fishing in Marvin Creek).

I married my wife Jacqueline in November 2002. Jae has two sons from a previous marriage, Jacob 10 and Joshua 8, we are expecting our first in early August of 2004. We found out that it is a girl, and we are going to name her Jaden Grace. We are excited and nervous.

Since I have moved to Myrtle Beach I have worked for Carolina Assemblies, where I designed harness cables for gas pumps. I then moved into Civil Design which I didn't really mesh too well with. It was a learning experience. I then moved to Conbraco Industries, where I designed tooling for all types of industrial valves. I also spent a year designing valves. Due to the economy and overseas competition I decided to go back into Civil Design. I am currently working for an engineering outfit that has been around the beach since 1945, and with the way things are being built around here, we will be here for a long time to come. I am an engineering technician moving towards a project manager.

My hobbies are running, lifting, fishing, golfing, hunting, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy going to the races. I live within 5 1/2 hours of all the NASCAR tracks in the Southeast. I try and get tickets to at least three races a year, but they have eliminated Rockingham and are taking a race from Darlington. My newest hobby is getting certified to scuba dive.

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