Class Sweethearts

Megan Petruzzi and Shannon Yeager

Nicest Smile

Tom Davis and Lisa Okerlund

Nicest Eyes

Christi Comfort and Matt McKean

Class Clowns

Kerrie Teats and Josh Dodge

Most Musical

Maryellen Bigler and Shane Fox

Best Dressed

Sean Alter and Lisa Carlson

Most Shy

Pat Murphy and Danielle Ordiway

Best Personality

Ira Carlson and Sarah McKeirnan

Best Looking

Brian Baker and Natalie Miketish

Most Athletic

Jeremy Anderson and Jen Keesler

Most Talkative

Mike Wolf and Arla Miller

Class Flirts

Cheryl Beckman and Andy Rifle

Most Artistic

Roxanne O'Rourke and Jared Smith

Contributed the Most

Doug Brown and Danielle Burt

Most Likely to Succeed

Ted Haynes and Melanie Geiser