Class Sweethearts

Rich Miller and Lottie Brown

Class Clowns

Christy Anderson and Jeremiah Armstrong

Class Flirts

Amber McDowell and Randy Isadore

Nicest Smile

Jessica Kinney and Glenn Bish

Nicest Eyes

Julie Eck and Rob Cosper

Best Dressed

Cory Hendrickson and Laura Comes

Most Talkative

Missy Taylor and Troy Safford

Most Artistic

Erik Barkley and Jaime Goble

Most Shy

Tony Aimonetti and Lucille Timblin

Contributed the Most

George Peters and Nicole Eppley

Most Athletic

Jamie Thomas and Ryan Woodruff

Most Musical

Jen Hovis and Brian Bailey

Contributed the Most

Heather Caldwell and Justin Puller