Danielle Murphy

Submitted: 5/9/06

Updated: 4/6/08

Danielle writes:

My name is Danielle Murphy and my parents are Thomas and Noressa Rote Murphy (Class of 1967). I have 5 siblings ... Heather Murphy-Wharton (Class of 1988), Kathleen Murphy-Moran (Class of 1990), Colleen Murphy-Wilber (Class of 1991) and Thomas (TP) Murphy, Jr.(Class of 1992). I went to Farmers Valley Elementary until the 3rd grade, when the Smethport Area Elementary School was built. My class placed an item in the Time Capsule outside of the school, which is plainly seen with the year 1987 on the side of the school building. From there was SAHS, where I graduated with the Class of 1997 and my two cousins Shannon Murphy and Chad Glick.

All I wanted to do was get through school and leave Smethport. Well, I left right after graduation and moved to Dunwoody, GA with my sister Heather and her former husband Dean Mitchell (Class of 1987) and their two daughters Jordan and Julie. What an experience!

In 1998, I moved back to Pennsylvania and in 1999 I had my first child, Grant Thomas (now age 9 and in the 3rd grade). I moved to Bradford in 1999. In 2001, I had my second child, Dylan Vincent (now age 6 and will be in kindergarten in the 08-09 school year) and in 2004, I had my daughter, Emily Noelle (now age 4 and in preschool). My children are my definite pride and joy in life.

I now reside in Johnsonburg, PA with my fiance, Joseph S. of Johnsonburg. I am a mother of three beautiful amazing and wonderful children. I am also attending Kaplan University Online School of Criminal Justice where I currently hold a 3.75 GPA and have made both the President's List and Dean's List. I am working towards my Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. I have hopes of getting into either Probation/Parole, Corrections, Security or a Criminology Field. My internship is to be at a crime lab. After that, it is my choice where I will end up in the CJ field. But I am finally pursuing my dreams and accomplishing my goals. I am also watching my children grow into amazing people.

My email address is kaplanstudent2008@gmail.com.

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