Jake Stortenbecker

Submitted: 4/7/06

Jake writes:

Well what can I say? I miss Smethport so very much. At the time of graduation I couldn't wait to leave, but now that is different. I only lived in Smethport for 2 years but the place and the people made it feel like I grew up there. When in actuality I wish I had!! After high school I took off for Florida and college, where I was able to become a 2-Time All-American in collegiate wrestling. From there I did a stint of about 3 years where I fought professionally. My parents moved from Smethport in 1998 and I haven't been back since. It is my goal to go back. Hopefully someday to move back. I love it there.

I am married to a wonderful woman named Tabitha and we live in the Bahamas. I own and operate a landscaping company. I know I know some of you are saying, "The Bahamas ... why would you ever want to come back to Smethport?" Well, I feel that Smethport is my home, and I love the place and the people. I am hoping that I can get into contact with old friends from school. Anybody wishing to get into contact please do!! Also, if you want to give my phone number or emails to anybody that graduated in '97 or some in '98 please feel free to do so.

If anyone ever would like to chat or email me, my email address is storty1979@hotmail.com.
My home phone number is (242) 367-5989 and my cell phone number is (242) 551-5129.

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