Chrissy Reigel

Submitted: 7/25/08

Chrissy writes:

After graduation I left for Clarion University along with Suzi Irvin, Matt Swort, Brooke Sample, John Peters and James Vandermark. Matt was the only one that stuck it out with me at Clarion until graduation. The other four found their “place” at other colleges (I think James might be working on his 56th degree by now! LOL!) Before the beginning of my junior year Dawn Raszmann transferred from IUP to Clarion and we shared an apartment for the remaining two years (WOW!). I graduated in December of 2002 with a BS in Elementary and Special Education. The following February (’03) I had my son, Richard Zander. In June 2003 Rich McDowell and I were married. We soon moved to Bradford where I began working for Beacon Light Behavioral Health Services (BLBHS). In August of 2004 Rich and I separated and were divorced (we still get along pretty well). I currently work for BLBHS as a special education teacher. I live in Bradford with Richie and my partner, Stephanie and our two dogs, Cori and Rufus and cat, Lucky.

I look forward to hearing from any Hubber alumni that I may have lost touch with. My email address is:

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