Most Artistic

Angie Durphy and Cody Housler

Most Likely to Make a Million

Phoebe Dunkle and Zach Caldwell

Class Clowns

Jen Olson and Ralph Passage

Class Flirts

Charlie Hagg and Melanie Roth

Most Talkative

Amanda Benjamin and Tom Moonan

Most Spirited

Zach Nelson and Jody Isadore

Most Athletic

Christie Glick and Mike Defilippi

Most Musical

Bill Null and Leigh Skinner

Most Dangerous to Pedestrians

Karla Burdick and Jerry Bickford


Donny Davis and Christina Anderson

Best Personality

Mark Dillenbeck and Jamie Wallace

Worst Case of Senioritis

Melinda Wolfgang and Clayton Galloway

Best Dressed

Nate Ewing and Jill Swanson

Most Outgoing

Megan Barkley and John Bonnett

Nicest Smile

Ken Jividen and Jess Cole