Nicest Eyes

Christy Hull and Marc Shelgren

Most Athletic

Ashley Colley and Jason Radtke

Best Personalities

Jill Burdick and Matt Bailey

Best Shoulder to Cry On

Abby Pierotti and Adam Lake

Best Dressed

Melissa Hagg and Travis Carpenter

Always the Survivor

Joe Sherwood and Wendy Dennis

Nicest Smile

Tiffany Young and Matt Gage

Contributed the Most

Amber McKeirnan and Luke Rees


Erin Maynard and Eric Keim

Class Artists

Kristin Duffy and Tim Lyon

Most Spirited

Shannon Keesler and Mike Neely

Most Outgoing

Ashlee Burdick and Charlie Hendrickson

Most Likely to Be a Millionaire

Kathy Taylor and Jason Burt

Most Confused

Tabby Reed and Dameon Covert

Worst Case of Senioritis

Jess Cordner and Mark Burlingame

Most Dangerous to Pedestrians

Kristin Carlson and Danny Buchholz

Inseparable Friends

Joe Durphy and Jamie Gifford

Inseparable Friends

Erin Maynard and Ashlee Burdick

Most Changed Since 9th Grade

Meggan Burris and Greg Pierotti

Most Talkative

Lauren Hackett and Nick Kinner

Class Clowns

Molly Taylor and Craig Dean