100 Yard DashBlaine O'Connor10.21955
D. Petruzzi10.21954
G. Van Dusen10.21929

100 Meter DashMichael Dodge10.971998

220 Yard DashBlaine O'Connor22.01955
G. Van Dusen22.01929

200 Meter DashMichael Dodge22.51999

440 Yard DashBlaine O'Connor52.11955

400 Meter DashCody Roberts51.122003

880 Yard RunJim Acker1:59.41960

800 Meter RunMatt Bango1:58.132003

One Mile RunFred Larson4:28.71958

1600 Meter RunBen Hahn4:20.132007

Two Mile RunGerald Gallup10:29.81972

3200 Meter RunBen Hahn9:09.752007

110 Yard High HurdlesMax Simms16.41978

Low HurdlesDean Lopus20.81953

110 Meter High HurdlesMike Mitchell14.782005

330 Yard HurdlesMax Simms44.61978

300 Meter IM HurdlesMike Mitchell38.122005

400 IM HurdlesMike Mitchell57.12004

400 Meter RelayJamey Gifford
Mike Fay
Danny Mitchell
Michael Dodge

880 Yard RelaySteve Lynch
Ralph Gustafson
Fred Cook
Dave Kline

One Mile RelayTom Abbey
Ron Kleisath
Jack Larson
Jim Acker

1600 Meter RelayTyler Covert
Cody Roberts
Mike Mitchell
Matt Bango

Two Mile RelayGeorge Ruggles
Mike Nelson
Kiker Conn
Ralph Gustafson

3200 Meter RelayChris Fitzsimmons
Sean Parkes
Matt Hagg
Ben Hahn

3000 Meter SteeplechaseTy Menendez12:41.52004

Long JumpRon Johnson22' 10"1952

Triple JumpMatt Bango45' 8¼"2004

High JumpSean Parkes6' 7"2006

Shot PutJason Woodruff52' 3"1992

DiscusSam Heffner139' 7"1997

Javelin (Old Style)Randy Reinard187' 6"1975

Javelin (New Style)Scott Ayers167' 2½"2003

Pole VaultCory Cochran13' 3"1997

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