P.I.A.A. State Champions


1951Ronnie JohnsonLong Jump

1951Bill Youkers200 Yard Low Hurdles

1956Bob LathropPole Vault

1957Fred LarsonOne Mile Run

2004Mike Mitchell300 Meter IM Hurdles

2005Mike Mitchell300 Meter IM Hurdles

2007Ben Hahn3200 Meter Run

P.I.A.A. State Medalists


1951Ronnie JohnsonLong Jump1st

1951Bill Youkers200 Yard Low Hurdles1st

1955Bob LathropPole Vault3rd

1955Bob LathropJavelin4th

1955Blaine O'Connor440 Yard Dash3rd

1955Blaine O'Connor100 Yard Dash6th

1955Blaine O'Connor220 Yard Dash6th

1956Bob LathropPole Vault1st

1957Fred LarsonOne Mile Run1st

1957Fred Larson½ Mile Run2nd

1957Jim Acker½ Mile Run5th

1957Dick LarsonDiscus7th

1958Jim Acker½ Mile Run2nd

1959Jim Acker½ Mile Run2nd

1959Bill CunninghamPole Vault2nd (Tie)

1992Jason WoodruffShot Put5th

1997Cory CochranPole Vault8th

1998Mike Dodge200 Meter Dash4th

1999Mike Dodge200 Meter Dash6th

2001Andy Tessena300 IM Hurdles5th

2002Mike Mitchell300 IM Hurdles4th

2002Mike Mitchell
Matt Bango
Cody Roberts
Dan Mitchell
1600 Meter Relay5th

2003Mike Mitchell300 IM Hurdles3rd

2003Matt Bango800 Meter Run5th

2003Tyler Covert
Cody Roberts
Mike Mitchell
Matt Bango
1600 Meter Relay6th

2004Mike Mitchell300 Meter IM Hurdles1st

2004Mike Mitchell110 Meter High Hurdles7th

2004Matt BangoTriple Jump2nd

2004Ben Hahn3200 Meter Run8th

2004Matt Clark
Tyler Covert
Mike Mitchell
Matt Bango
1600 Meter Relay6th

2005Mike Mitchell300 Meter IM Hurdles1st

2005Mike Mitchell110 Meter High Hurdles3rd

2005Ben Hahn3200 Meter Run5th

2006Sean ParkesHigh Jump3rd (3-Way Tie)

2006Ben Hahn1600 Meter Run3rd

2007Ben Hahn3200 Meter Run1st

Individual Medal Count

NameMedals Won
Mike Mitchell9
Matt Bango5
Ben Hahn4
Bob Lathrop3
Jim Acker3
Blaine O'Connor3
Fred Larson2
Mike Dodge2
Cody Roberts2
Tyler Covert2
Ronnie Johnson1
Bill Youkers1
Bill Cunningham1
Sean Parkes1
Jason Woodruff1
Andy Tessena1
Dick Larson1
Cory Cochran1
Danny Mitchell1
Matt Clark1

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