P.I.A.A. State Champions


1995Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run

1996Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run

1997Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run

1997Stephanie Bango800 Meter Run

1997Nicole Windsor
Shannon Murphy
Brandy Colley
Stephanie Bango
3200 Meter Relay

1997Girls Track and FieldClass A Team Champions

1998Stephanie Bango800 Meter Run

2000Ashley ColleyJavelin

P.I.A.A. State Medalists


1987Mary DeeganUnknownUnknown

1988Mary DeeganUnknownUnknown

1989Mary Deegan400 Meter Dash2nd

1989Mary Deegan100 Meter Dash8th

1990Mary Deegan400 Meter Dash2nd

1994Brandy Colley1600 Meter Run3rd

1995Brandy Colley1600 Meter Run6th

1995Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run1st

1995Stephanie Bango400 Meter Dash6th

1996Brandy Colley1600 Meter Run6th

1996Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run1st

1996Stephanie Bango400 Meter Dash3rd

1996Stephanie Bango800 Meter Run3rd

1997Brandy Colley3200 Meter Run1st

1997Brandy Colley1600 Meter Run2nd

1997Stephanie Bango800 Meter Run1st

1997Stephanie Bango400 Meter Dash2nd

1997Nicole Windsor
Shannon Murphy
Brandy Colley
Stephanie Bango
3200 Meter Relay1st

1997Girls Track and FieldClass A Team Champions1st

1998Stephanie Bango800 Meter Run1st

1998Stephanie Bango400 Meter Dash2nd

1998Ashley ColleyJavelin7th

1999Ashley ColleyJavelin4th

2000Ashley ColleyJavelin1st

2001Ashley ColleyJavelin2nd

Individual Medal Count

NameMedals Won
Brandy Colley8
Stephanie Bango8
Ashley Colley4
Mary Deegan4
Shannon Murphy1
Nicole Windsor1

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