Margaret (Peggy) Dennis-Mitchell

Date Submitted: 8/10/08

Peg writes:

We graduated in June, 1978 and in April, 1979 I married Ralph Mitchell. At that time I worked for Jay Paul Kahle, Attorney at Law.

We had our first son, Denny, in 1981 at which time I took some time off to be a Mom. Then in 1983 we had our second son, Dan. I was working part time at that time in the District Attorney's office at the McKean County Courthouse. I changed directions and started working at IU9 as a Media Services Secretary and we had our third son Mike in 1986. In 1991 I left IU9 to work at FCI McKean. I have worked for the Bureau of Prisons since then and even had the pleasures of having Denise Bender-Hale as my boss for a time.

In 2004, I was divorced and bit the bullet and moved away from our little town of Smethport in 2005. I work in Washington, DC and live in Virginia. I wasn't sure when I left, if this little country girl would be able to survive the "Big City" but life is well here and I enjoy the weather much more. However there's nothing like "good ole Smethport". It was a GREAT place to live and bring up my children.

Speaking of them, they are my greatest accomplishment ... the nicest boys ever ...

I'm not sure yet if I'm attending the class reunion because I will be in Tennessee for a visit prior to that weekend but if I do not make it I wish you all well and hope you have a great time.

I can be reached at

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