Dan Faes

Date Submitted: 9/14/05

Dan writes:

After graduating, Gary Dille and I were to enter the Navy via the delayed enlistment program, I was medically discharged 1 week prior to boot camp. I then moved to New Jersey and worked for the Easter Seals organization at a camp in the hills near Hackettstown caring for the mentally and physically handicapped. While there I attended a technical school studying HVAC. In 1980 I transferred to Alfred State College in New York where I graduated with an AAS in Mechanical Engineering in 1982. The next few years became somewhat fuzzy as I had moved back to Smethport and roomed with Ken Elliott. In 1985, I relocated to Rochester, NY where I was employed as a HVAC Systems Control Technician for a small firm of 25 people. In 1990 I was instrumental in helping two associates in a business venture and in 1991 purchased stock shares in the business and became one of three owners and relocated to Buffalo, NY. At this time our company has grown from 3 people to 40, GOD have mercy on me, we specialize in SMART BUILDING Technology and Integration of Facility Infrastructures utilizing today's Internet and WEB based technologies.

In 1992 I met my lovely wife Margie and was married in May of 1994. At age 34 and neither having any experience in the marriage arena, we wanted to continue our career paths and travel. At age 40 something we finally decided we missed our opportunity to have children and instead acquired a Viszla (dog) which is more responsibility than 3 children. At this time we reside in the Buffalo suburb of East Amherst. Our future plans are to re-locate to Charlottesville, VA around year 2010 and begin the second half of our lives.

I was disappointed in the cancellation of the 25th class reunion and am volunteering myself to help in any way for the 30th reunion. We all daydream from time to time and remember the days of when we were growing up. It would be great to see and talk to you all in 2008.

I entered my profile on a dare from Joann and after reading Dan Nelson and Denise Bender-Hale's profile, decided why not. Maybe some of you out there can be dared into it also.

My email address is DFaes@AOL.Com

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